Reino de los Mallos and Loarre

This region, where the plain meets the mountains, is geologically exceptional and has also played an important role in the history of the Kingdom of Aragón. In the 10th Century the borders of the kingdom were consolidated along the mountain range and today you can still see buildings from the time in a fine state of repair, for example Loarre Castle, the collegiate church in Bolea, the villages of Agüero and Murillo de Gállego, as well as several “casas castillo” (fortified houses) here and there on the plain.

Between the two ranges the gorge of the river Gallego and the imposing Mallos de Riglos (rock formations) have been formed over the years by the weather and water. They offer the traveller two scenic landscapes for via ferrata climbs and and one of the most beautiful sections of river in Aragón where you can get all the excitement you want, trying your hand at rafting, canoeing and riverboarding or hydrospeed.

During February and March you can come and watch the majestic spectacle of thousands of cranes, which stop over each year at the Sotonera reservoir in order to gather their strength for the most testing part of their long migratory route: the crossing of the Pyrenees.

Deporte y naturaleza

Reino de los Mallos Murillo de Gallego is the capital of active tourism  and and also the starting point of many of the routes that this territory offers.

  • Rafting, canoes and hydrospeed in the scenic Gállego Canyon
  • Long routes on foot or bike for up to seven days discovering a territory with a rich Historical and Cultural heritage … will surprise you!
  • Via-Ferrata, multi adventure and much more
  • Spring Migration of the Cranes and birdwaching in the Sotonera and Arcaz interpretation center

Cultura y patrimonio

Romanico en el Reino de los Mallos During the XII century there was the expansion of the young Kingdom of Aragon that has left us an important legacy. It is awe-inspiring to find, in the middle of the mountain, romanesque buildings such as the church of Santiago de Agüero or the Castle of Loarre in such a good state of conservation.

  • To know the magnificent Castle of Loarre, one of the best preserved in Europe.
  • To visit the villages of Murillo, Aguero or Riglos.
  • Travel in time to the XI century visiting the most important stage of the History of Aragon.

Gastronomia y ocio

SAN LORENZO Discover the abandoned villages and old way of lifeof this unpopulated mountains walking along ancient trails where you will not find anyone else

The leisure offer is found in Huesca, the cozy and quiet capital of Altoaragon.

Mediterranean continental, sunny almost all year round with concentrated rainfall in October and November.

Temporada recomendada
Spring, Autumn and even winter for walking and cycling
Spring and summer for adventure travel

Qué nos diferencia

Ofrecemos viajes guiados para grupos reducidos siempre con un alto nivel de atención y servicio. Nuestro objetivo es sorprender al viajero con propuestas originales, combinando ocio, cultura y naturaleza en la proporción que demande.
  • Guía y vehículo privado
  • Actividades y visitas seleccionadas
  • Servicios exclusivos

Aprovecha cada minuto del viaje

Contar con un guía local experimentado durante el viaje puede marcar la diferencia:
  • Personaliza tu viaje
  • Resuelve contratiempos
  • Interpreta territorio y paisaje

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