Benasque Valley

The Ribagorza region is situated in a striking position at the foot of the high granite peaks of the Axial Zone of the Pyrenees and comprises the three beautiful valleys of the Esera, Isábena and Noguera Ribagorzana rivers. It is an area with a combination of stunning locations, wild nature and a little-known treasure trove of monuments and historic buildings. The Parque Natural de Posets-Maladeta (designated area of natural parkland) offers mountain lovers a unique spot to explore, with spectacular peaks such as Aneto and Posets, beautiful tarns, alpine meadows and shady forests.


Besnasque is comparable with Jaca in terms of tourist facilities and it is a great place to stay for travellers looking for a combination of excursions, outdoor activities and night life.

Poset-Maladetas Natural Park

Three quarters of this protected parkland is situated above 1800m and claims the most spectacular glacial mountain scenery in the area, with deep valleys, enormous cirques and sparkling tarns.

Benasque Valley is more of an area for climbing peaks than for doing long hikes, and the climbs are pretty demanding, so really only suitable for people who are physically fit and technically experienced. However, anyone can enjoy a walk in the long, deep valleys where there are well-maintained tracks and gentle paths, for example the Valle de Estos and Valle de Ballibillema with dozens of tarns, or the Llanos del Hospital.

Deporte y naturaleza

Paseos en raqueta Those from Benasque call it the hidden valley. Unlike neighbouring valleys, it is surrounded by a wall of the highest mountains in the Pyrenees, which makes it rather isolated.

  • Hiking trips in the valleys of Estes, Ballibierna or Llanos del Hospital
  • Canyoning in an alpine environment
  • Paragliding in Castejón de Sos
  • MTB Routes and downhill 

Cultura y patrimonio

Historia y cultura South of Benasque we have an alternative for those wanting a day’s break from climbing peaks, or if the weather is too unsettled. It is a long narrow path halfway up the mountainside which goes through a mixed forest dotted with Romanesque churches and small mountain villages where time seems to have stopped still.

  • Palace of the counts of Ribagorza and stately houses of Benasque
  • Discover, hidden in the forest, the Romanesque Chapel of Santa María de Gracia
  • Visit the mountain villages of Anciles, Cerler and Sahún

Gastronomia y ocio

Gastronomia y ocio Benasque valley has a huge selection of gastronomic delights on offer and interesting museums like the one of the Bruges in the town Laspaúles.

Soft summers, humid autumns and dry and sunny winters

Temporada recomendada
Winter for walking with snowshoes, cross-country and alpine skiing
May to October for excursions through the valleys and villages

Qué nos diferencia

Ofrecemos viajes guiados para grupos reducidos siempre con un alto nivel de atención y servicio. Nuestro objetivo es sorprender al viajero con propuestas originales, combinando ocio, cultura y naturaleza en la proporción que demande.
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  • Interpreta territorio y paisaje

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