Tena Valley and the Serrablo region

This wide, sunny valley is surrounded by peaks of up to 3000 metres and offers a wealth of diverse outdoor activities from mountain biking to canyoning, horse riding and hiking to suit all levels of ability. It is also the only valley offering sailing activities on mountain lakes. Up until the nineties it was always on the edge of the developing tourist trade, and so the architecture remains largely in keeping with the traditional mountain villages of livestock farmers.

Although tourist developments have sprung up, it is evident that they have tried to find a balance between conserving the rural landscape of centuries gone by, and providing top quality tourist facilities.

This valley offers the best winter proposals for families

Deporte y naturaleza

La Partacua The Valle de Tena has a great variety of activities and landscapes, from high mountain peaks to a wildlife park where you can spot some of the most emblematic plants and animals of the Pyrenees as you wander through the forest.

  • Hiking and excursions on foot for the whole family
  • “Lacuniacha” Wildlife Park
  • MTB Routes and downhill  with support vehicle
  • Snowbike and Mushing routes in the Partacua valley
  • Paragliding flights from Hoz de Jaca

Cultura y patrimonio

serrablo The “Ruta del Serrablo” (Serrablo Route) takes you on a tour of a unique collection of fourteen 10th and 11th century Mozarabic and Romanesque churches.

Gastronomia y ocio

Pirineos-Sur The Pirineos Sur festival is one of the highlights of the area, with concerts taking place on a spectacular floating auditorium on Lanuza Reservoir during the month of July.

  • “Pirineos sur” Fest
  • Dining at the Vidocq or El Privilegio Restaurant
  • Spring and autumn Fair of Biescas in the month of May

Nice summers and autumns and dry and sunny winters. January and February are usually cold and frosty months

Temporada recomendada
From January to April for winter activities
Spring, summer and autumn for hiking and excursions

Qué nos diferencia

Ofrecemos viajes guiados para grupos reducidos siempre con un alto nivel de atención y servicio. Nuestro objetivo es sorprender al viajero con propuestas originales, combinando ocio, cultura y naturaleza en la proporción que demande.
  • Guía y vehículo privado
  • Actividades y visitas seleccionadas
  • Servicios exclusivos

Aprovecha cada minuto del viaje

Contar con un guía local experimentado durante el viaje puede marcar la diferencia:
  • Personaliza tu viaje
  • Resuelve contratiempos
  • Interpreta territorio y paisaje

Viajes recomendados

GR-11 The Pyrenees’ trail. Auto-guided trekking with vehicle support

Crossings on foot and on horseback · Trail running · Trekking
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